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Daisy Copelin is a Former Early Childhood Teacher, Author, Writer, Entrepreneur and World Changer. She is a graduate of Nyack College(2013) Medgar Evers College(2019) where she majored in English and professional writing. She enjoyed her season of teaching, building relationships and making an impact on the lives of families and children. She is now embracing this new and exciting season of her life of writing children’s and Christian/Inspirational books and looking forward to all that God has for her in this next chapter of her life. Stay tuned! Great things are happening!

No More Bad Secrets

No More Bad Secrets is a kid- to kid- guide on Safe Body Touch. Teaching children about Safe Body Touch also known as Personal Body Safety can seem like a scary and awkward issue…

I Love My Color I'm In

“I Love My Color I’m in” is an engaging and poetic story encouraging children of all races to embrace the skin color they are in. This book is filled with positive affirmations…

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Children are like sponges, they soak up all types of information. I fully support this book and its intention to instruct a barrier defense system into children of an early age, always remaining in contact with their parents about who they see, who's around them and what has happened to them.
Fanes F.
On "No More Bad Secrets"
As a school counselor I’m always looking for books that deal with tough topics. Excellent work!!
On "No More Bad Secrets"
Daisy Copeland is a Great writer who I believe has great things ahead for her. She is able to take a book and make it relate to even the youngest child. I recommend this book especially for elementary school teachers.
Brian R.
On "No More Bad Secrets"
I really believe this book is so necessary and unique! It’s not like many children’s books, yet it is extremely important for kids to know and understand. This author did an amazing job relaying this message in a child friendly way.
She's Booked
On "No More Bad Secrets"
Amazing tale. Daisy has always been a fantastic writer. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED
Ralph J.
On "I Love My Color I'm In

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